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We have been among the leading dry cleaners Santa Monica in the Southern California area for 28 years and would love to serve you and all of your garment cleaning and care needs. We offer a wide range of services including laundry services, tailoring, fine linens, shoe repair, and much more. When you compare the services offered by Prestige Cleaners to the other dry cleaners in the area, you will quickly see that there really is no comparison.

Beyond the quality of the care that we offer to your garments and other items is the level of service that we offer to you as our customer. Prestige Cleaners is proud to offer door to door services, including free pick-up and delivery from many locations including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, and more. When things get busy and you aren’t able to stop by the dry cleaners to drop of your things, it is nice to know you can rely on us to come to you. Prestige Cleaners offers this service as just another sign of our dedication to you as our customer.

We also feel that it is the responsibility of dry cleaners to do their best to protect the environment we all share. For that reason, we are focused on adapting to new and more environmentally friendly dry cleaning techniques whenever possible. It is important to us that we do a great job of caring for your garments, and at the same time provide the same kind of care to the environment around us. By having a constant focus on using the best processes available to get the job done correctly and in an environmentally friendly dry cleaning fashion, we can embrace the same values that are held by so many of our customers.

When you are choosing a dry cleaners near me, to handle all of your garment care needs, we hope you will look first to Prestige Cleaners. Thanks to a wide-ranging selection of services, experience in the business, and a focus on caring for our customers as well as the environment, we are confident you will be happy with what you receive from us each and every time. We look forward to serving you soon!