Fabric & Textile Restoration


Unfortunately, unplanned events such as fire and water damage occur sometimes in life, and they can have terrible effects on your garments and other household items. Fire damage restoration is a difficult job, but it is a service that we are proud to offer here at Prestige. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we want to help you recover from any kind of negative event that has happened in your life. Whether you are needing to recover from a fire in your home, or water damage of some kind, we will do what we can to help restore your fabrics and textiles to as good a condition as is possible.
Fire damage restoration is important because the smell of smoke can overtake a garment and make it completely useless to you. Even if an item doesn’t look damaged to the eye, the smell of smoke inside the fabric can be enough to have you not want to wear it again – or just through it out altogether. Before you go that far, come in to Prestige Cleaners and find out what we can do for your items. Our experience in fire damage restoration means that you just might be able to salvage some of the garments you thought would have to be thrown out.
We have in-house processes that work to remove odors and stains from the fabrics affected so you can go back to using the items just as you were before the fire or water damage occurred. This is another area of our business where it helps to have so much experience dealing with fabrics. We understand the unique characteristics of different fabrics and how they are affected by smoke or water. Our team will work hard to determine the best method of restoration, and then quickly get to work making it happen.
Even if you haven’t suffered damage to any of your items, Prestige Cleaners still offers a variety of services that you can take advantage of. Those include complete laundry services, dry cleaning, shoe repair, hand finished shirt laundry, and more. Come by today and give us the chance to earn your business!