French Weave Repair


If you have invested some of your money in fine garments and materials, you want to do everything you can to protect those items and make sure they look great for years to come. However, as life goes by, it is likely that there will be issues come up with your garments from time to time. Whether they are eaten through by a bug such as a moth, or if they get snagged on something and are damaged, you want the repair to be done as perfectly as possible. The method of French weave repair is the best way to do just that, and our team is capable of offering that service to you.
French weave repair is a delicate process that uses hidden threads off of the same garment to repair the damaged area so that there is no visible damage left to the naked eye. While this is a highly effective process, it is also a difficult job, and one that should be completed by an experienced and expert hand. If you are looking to have French weave repair completed on any of your garments near the Santa Monica area, stop by or call in to Prestige Cleaners right away. We will be able to take a look at the item and the damage it has suffered, and offer our best plan for repair.
You don’t want to wait too long before having this kind of repair completed, especially if you are still using the item. Even a tiny hole in the fabric could get worse over time with use, making the French weave repair more difficult to do – or even impossible. As soon as you notice an issue with one of your quality items, make sure to come in right away and have it looked at by our team.
Beyond French weaving, we have an assortment of other services that we offer to people all around the Santa Monica area. Dry cleaning, shoe repair, wedding gown preservation, laundry services, and more are all a part of a regular day here at Prestige. Come by soon or give us a call and we will be happy to get to work for you!